German Holstein Show 2017: Lady Gaga repeats her victory!



To the sounds of the new Lady Gaga song, Lady Gaga, sired by Modest and owned by Henrik Wille and Friedrich Köster from Essen, received congratulations for winning the Grand Champion title of this years German Holstein Show. Receiving applause from all 4,500 spectators, she was once again elected as the best Holstein cow in Germany, after receiving the same title in 2015.

Lady Gaga 301 Einzug Klein

Red Holstein Classes

With his enthusiasm, Judge Stefan Widmer from Switzerland once again demonstrated his ability to get an audience excited about Red Holstein cows.

Starting off the show was the category of first calf heifers, who displayed great overall udder characteristics. Lana, a very well balanced heifer, sired by Colour P and owned by Saathoff und Andreesen GbR from Aurich, scored first place in the category. THD Romad, owned by Ludger Tißen from Kleve, came in on reserve.

In the category of young cows, FG California, sired by Ladd P and owned by Henrik Wille from Essen, clearly took first place. This cow is extremely balanced with an excellent udder. Friedrich Gödeker and Hermann Meyer’s (Varrel) nicely balanced cow HMS Kleo (sired by Adonis Red) scored second place in the category.

Hergen Schröder from Oldenburg could barely hold back his excitement to find out that his cow MyRose (sired by Picolo) was able to score first place in the category of mature cows, despite very strong competition. The well-balanced cow HaH Darkred (sired by Don Juan) came in as reserve in the overall category after winning her class.


Holstein Classes

From the beginning, Cord Hormann as the Judge for Holsteins had his work cut out for him with the category of heifers, due to the fact that the heifers were altogether of exceptionally high quality. Finally, the perfect heifer Edlitham, sired by Atwood and owned by Rainer Engelke from Asendorf, was able to prove her qualities and took first place. This heifer particularly stood out due to her exceptional udder characteristics. Second place was taken by the outstanding heifer Indiana, sired by Aftershock and owned by Jörg Seeger from Bissel.

Loh Lilli Brax, sired by Braxton and presented by Luke Lohmöller (Emsbüren), easily scored first place in her class and consequently received the Champion title inthe young cow category. Princess, a cow with very strong dairy type traits, came in second. She is sired by the MASTERRIND bull Odyssey and owned by Jürgen Hobbie from Wangerland.

Two familiar faces in the show ring were able to score first and second place in the intermediate cow category. These are of course Hirondelle, sired by Zelgadis and owned by Friedrich-Wilhelm Gödeker from Varrel and SHo Moonrise, sired by Bradnick and owned by Wilken Schwarze from Dörverden, respectively.

As usual, the mature cow category is an absolute highlight of the show, This category includes cows that have calved up to eight times. Lady Gaga, well known across borders could win this category. She was followed by the cow with the most calvings of the show, the very harmonious Shottle daughter Kara of Kaack KG from Wesenberg.


Grand Champion

In the end, the famous Lady Gaga was announced winner of the category and subsequently received the Grand Champion title. Reserve Champion made BWH Anniko sired by Atwood and owned by Wille, Bollhorst GbR, Melbaum and Kallaß, Essen.


Convincing Progeny Groups

Every two years the German National  Show represents the German dairy industry by presenting progenies of certain selected sires. Thus visitors have the opportunity to get an idea about the traits that these sires will transmit to their offspring. The presentation of the progeny groups was once again in the focus of the show day. Eight daughters of genomic sires were presented, all of them reflected the good results of the German breeding programs. The public voted with a clear majority the group of Godewind as the best progeny group. The respective group winners were selected Stefan Widmer, who chose the Godewind daughter Wiemke from Jürgen Hobbie as the winner all offspring cows. She was just before awarded the second in her class in the show competition.


The Progeny Groups

Bangard                        Bookem x Xacobeo x Shottle              Masterrind

RZG Big Point              Bookem x M-O-M x Goldwyn             LTR/ZBH

Force                            G-Force x Planet x Shottle                  Masterrind

Godewind RF               Gold Chip x Sanchez x Goldwyn         VOST

Julandy                         Andy RDC x Moonlight x Stadel          RUW

Mad Max                      Destry x Talent x Comestar Lee          RinderAllianz

Scipio                            Sudan x M-O-M x Freelance               LTR/ZBH

Starjuwel                       Sudan x Goldwyn x Stormatic             RSH


The main sponsors of the show:

Allflex GmbH,

H.-W. Schaumann GmbH,

GGI German Genetics International GmbH,

Lemmer Fullwood and

LVM Versicherung AG

Lady Gaga Aufstellung

Our main sponsors




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The programme

Tuesday, 13th June

  • Young breeders’ clipping competition

Wednesday, 14th June

  • Young breeders’ showmanship

  • DHV-Genetik Sale and breeders’ night

Thursday, 15th June

  • Judging of the young cow classes and Selection of Junior Champion

  • Presentation of progeny groups

  • Judging of the cow classes and Selection of Grand Champion

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Our judges

This year Cord Hormann from Warmsen will judge the Holsteins. Since 2008 Hormann is a member of the German national Judging-Pool and he was judge at lots of shows, also international ones.


The Red Holsteins will be judged by Stefan Widmer from Mühledorf, Switzerland. Widmer is an international recognised judge. In 2010 he jugde the national show in Bulle and in 2015 the international show in Lausanne.

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