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DHV is the national umbrella organization of the German Holstein breeding industry. When  it comes to national and international issues, we represent the interests of our members – 14 regional herdbook and AI organizations officially recognized by the German government.

The DHV website provides you with current information on Holstein breeding in Germany, statistics, and a calendar of events.



German Livestock Association: Merger of four associations succeeded

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The members of the Federal Associations ADR, BDF, DHV and ZDS have decided to merge into the newly founded German Livestock Association (BRS). The merger took place on May 16th, 2017 in Berlin. The new federal association will take over the interests representation and professional work for cattle breeding and pig production in Germany. The previous associations, German Cattle Breeders’ Federation (ADR), the German Beef Cattle Breeders’ Federation (BDF), the German Holstein Association (DHV), and the Central Association of German Pig Production (ZDS), will be dissolved by the merger at July 1st, 2017.



German Holstein Show 2017

Deckblatt DHV Genetik Sale 2017 ENG

At 14th and 15th June 2017 the German Holstein Show will take place in Oldenburg. This biennial show is a highlight for all interested Holstein breeders.




DHV-Genetik Sale

Deckblatt DHV Genetik Sale 2017 ENG S2

The catalog of DHV-Genetik Sale is available now. All animals and the complete catalog can be found here.




DHV-Genetik Sale 2017

Deckblatt DHV Genetik Sale 2017 ENG Modifiziert

The DHV-Genetik Sale 2017 will take place on 14th June 2017 at 19.30 in Oldenburg. Here you'll get the chance to buy high genomics or even the next show winner. There will be calfs and also milking two-year-olds.

Be prepared!

More information will be online soon.



Breeding evaluation April 2017

With the breeding evaluation April 2017 the new Genomic bull top lists are available.

More information under Downloads.



German Holstein Show 2017

Poster Dhv Schau 2017 Sponsoren Eng

Save the date!

On 14th and 15th June 2017 the German Holstein Association (DHV) will present a highlight for all interested Holstein breeders:

The German Holstein Show 2017 will take place in the EWE Arena Oldenburg.


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Breeding evaluation December 2016


With the breeding evaluation December 2016 the new Genomic bull top lists are available now.
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German Holstein exports at mid-year 2016

Pressemitteilung Export 2016 1 Halbjahr Grafik ENGLISCH

Despite the dairy market crisis around 40,000 Holstein breeding cattle were exported in the first half of 2016.


With 39,313 exported Holstein breeding cattle a very good export figure was achieved. The third country share (67.5%) has risen slightly by three percentage points once again and thus makes two-thirds of breeding cattle exports. In the EU domestic market the quantity has clearly lost, especially in the countries Poland and the UK, which did much larger acquisitions in the same period last year.


In the light of current economic conditions in some customer countries, a decline of the export figures of 8.3% is quite satisfactory. In particular compared to the previous year the exports to neighbouring EU countries, which are also directly affected by the bad milk market prices, declined significantly. Nevertheless, breeding cattle exports have certainly contributed to a relief of the domestic market and have prevented a further decline of the breeding cattle prices.



New Cooperation on exchange of genotypes for genomic young Holstein bulls between North America and Germany

Starting with the August evaluation the members of the German Genomic Consortium (all German Holstein organizations) and North American Partners (NAP) start a new cooperation to routinely exchange the genotypes of all new young genomic AI bulls with at least 10 month of age. At the same time the cooperation of the 6 EuroGenomics countries is formally continued with a new contract.



Breeding evaluation august 2016


With the breeding evaluation August 2016 the new Genomic bull top lists are available.
More information under Downloads.


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